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Receiving a Yellow or Red Card

If a player is shown a yellow card by a referee during a game, it is a caution for your play. If you are shown a second card during the same game you will be ejected from that game. Your two yellows become a red card. You will then have to sit out the next league game but can practice. If a player accumulates three yellow cards over time you will have to sit out you next league game.

This also happens if you get five yellows, you sit again, If a player or any coaching staff are shown a red card during a game. They have to sit out the next league game and will then be called to a hearing by the District Discipline Board to answer for your actions during the game.

If a parent or fan is ejected from a game they will have to come to a hearing along with the head coach to answer for their actions during the game Please contact your club district representative if you have any questions

When a player, coach and or spectator is ejected from a soccer game, the Discipline Laws of BC Soccer requires them to sit the next league game . The ejected person will then be informed that there will be a hearing to discuss the infraction.

When a player is to come to a hearing, a parent and the players coach will be asked to attend.

When a coach or spectator appears they are able to bring along up to two witnesses.

The person who is under a red card infraction is not to attend any soccer functions unless the Discipline board gives permission.

The offender must attend the hearing when informed. The Discipline Board will hear the circumstances that lead to the ejection, then decide if the infraction warrants more than the already automatic one game suspension.

If the infraction is of severe nature a performance bond may be required. A performance bond must be submitted to the District Treasurer by the next league game or the offender can not attend any soccer functions.

Tri-Cities Youth Soccer Association is one of 21 youth soccer districts in British Columbia. We are members of the British Columbia Soccer Association serving boys and girls teams in the cities of Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam.

The objective of the TCYSA and our three member soccer clubs is to promote, develop and administer the game of soccer at the youth (male & female) level, both indoor and outdoor, in the District.

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